hi sur:) im marwan i play tennis for 8 yrs and now im 14 well this yr i will start playing itfs! so im trying to get more strength on my serve and the problem is im not using my leg enough can u give me any tipz plz:) thank you

You should start with strength training in the gym. Strength training must be functional and focused for improving your tennis. You can use exercise with your body, fitballs, elastic bands, dumbells, kettlebells etc. Also it is good to use some light plyometrics, for example some jumps in place, jumps on box and bounds. For improving your upper body strength and explosive power you should use exercise with medicine ball (throwing), moderation of plyo push-ups etc. Don t forget to use speed and agility exercise (small hurdles, ladders etc.) and endurance training (aerobic and anaerobic). You can see on my profile i have some 600 movies in which my athletes (lot of them are tennis players) are performing some strength and conditioning exercise.